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MEKE's Health Projects

During 2011 the strategic decision was made to focus primarily on the health domain for MEKE's future projects. This is to align with the CSIR's Research Impact Areas (Health, Natural Environment, Energy, Built Environment, Defence and Security, Advance Manufacturing and Mining) and the CSIR Flagships (Health and Nutrition, Water Sustainability, and Safety and Security). ICT is seen as an enabler in these Research Impact Areas and Flagships, and not as an impact area in itself.


Here is a brief outline of the various projects we are involved with:

  • E-health interoperability standards:
    • The topic of this project also forms the core theme of Funmi Adebesin's PhD, for which she is registered at Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University. Her supervisor is Prof Paula Kotzé (MEKE), and co-supervisors Prof Darelle van Greunen (NMMU) and Dr Rosemary Foster (CSIR and NMMU).
  • South African National Health Normative Standards Framework for Interoperability in eHealth (HNSF): The National Department of Health commissioned the CSIR in 2012 to develop a normative standards framework for interoperability in e-health in South Africa.   In terms of in terms of Section 74 (1) and (2) of the National Health Act No 61 of 2013, once published, the HNSF will be a National Directive to which any Patient Information System which is used and/or intended for use in the health sector in South Africa should comply. The project was completed by a small team of researchers linked to MEKE, namely Paula Kotzé , Funmi Adebesin, Rosemary Foster (CSIR and NMMU), Darelle van Greuenen (NMMU) and Alida Veldsman (NMMU). The team also had very valuable inputs from Derek Ritz (ecGroup, Canada) who acted as advisor to the project. 
  • The impact of stakeholders’ relations on the implementation of information systems strategy in public hospitals in South Africa. This project forms the core of Boroto Hwabamungu’s PhD, for which he is registered at the University of Cape Town. His supervisor is Prof Irwin Brown (UCT) and his co-suprevisor is Dr Quentin Williams (Meraka). Boroto submitted the PhD thesis for examination in February 2014.
  • The development of an ICT platform and integration of the Health Information System to support the implementation of the National Health Insurance (NHI): This is a CSIR – National Department of Health Project.
  • A project to assess all primary healthcare patient-centric information systems implemented in both the public and private sector in South Africa.

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