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John Zachman visits Meraka

In September 2009 John Zachman visited Meraka for one afternoon. During his visit he had discussions with the EARF group, and also presented a short overview on EA to Meraka staff and EARF members.
John Zachman visits Meraka

Saurabh, Derick, Alta, John, Aurona and Motse

Zachman says we are now busy with Enterprise Physics 101 .. the following are some of his claims / comments made during his presentation:

  • We are focusing on the wrong things – we argue about ‘what is EA’?
  • Enterprises are the most complex systems known to mankind; 
  • We don’t have time to ‘understand’ the complexity of enterprises
  • Moving out of the industrial age to informational age (transitional phase is more or less 40 years)
  • Industrial age: Industrial product e.g. planes etc. Focus was on replacing ‘people’ by machines.
  • Key in the Information age is going to be EA
  • Academic community is not helping EA : Focus should not be on the product (Carr – IT does not matter)
  • Academics are short-term oriented
  • We are implementation dominated – we don’t want to engineer
  • What is an enterprise? Manager, mission, objectives, same game, human endeavour, one strategic group … group
  • Engineering is going on for ever – a different way of life – systems have an ‘end’
  • Why do you do EA: Complexity and change.
  • Architecture value is in the fact that it is : flexible, repeatable,
  • The system is the enterprise!
  • Brooks – programming is manufacturing;


  • Observation: people argue about best practices, tools, repositories, .. miss the principles;
  • Information that is important is owned by private companies;
  • ‘things’ are being done under the umbrella of EA;

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