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A&A Senior Member Application Review Panel

Alta van der Merwe was invited to act on an ad hoc Admission & Advancement (A&A) Review Panels where more than 180 applications was considered for senior memberships. For the first time, such a panel took place in Southern Africa, held at the Courtyard Hotel, Arcadia on 18 August 2010.
A&A Senior Member Application Review Panel

IEEE Senior Member Evaluation Committee August 2010

Senior Member is the highest grade for which IEEE members can apply. To be eligible for application, candidates must:

§  be engineers, scientists, educators, technical executives, or originators in IEEE-designated fields;

§  have experience reflecting professional maturity;

§  have been in professional practice for at least ten years;

§  show "significant performance" over a period of at least five of their years in professional practice.

Prof. Gerhard Hancke chaired the event, in capacity as the Chair: IEEE A&A. The event was supported by the IEEE South Africa Section. Every application received reviews from multiple reviewers of IEEE grade: Senior Member or higher.

Several from the panelists were staff members of the CSIR.

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