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MEKE's People

Here you can find information on all the people linked MEKE: the researchers, the students, and our collaborators.

MEKE's Photo Gallery

MEKE had many feel-good moments, including a few very prominent visitors, over the last few years. Some of the most historic moments are captured in our Photo Collection.



MEKE's Full-time Researchers:

Prof Paula Kotze, Chief Researcher

Mr Boroto Hwabamungu, Doctoral Student

Mrs Funmi Adebesin, Doctoral Student


MEKE's Research Associates:

Prof Alta van der Merwe, Research Associate (University of Pretoria)

Prof Aurona Gerber, Knowledge Representation and Reasoning, Meraka

Prof Darelle van Greunen, Nelson Mandela University

Prof Helene Gelderblom, School of Computing, Unisa

Dr Rosemary Foster

Dr Nicola Bidwell, Principal Researcher (Former MEKE Postdoc)

Ms Mariana Carroll, Former Doctoral Student



MEKE's Part-time Students:


Doctoral Students:


Sonja Gilliand, North West University

Dina Jacobs, North Weste University

Elize Labuschgne, Nelson Mandela University

Louw Labuschagne, Nelson Mandela University

Jan Mentz, University of South Africa

Andrew Smith, University of South Affrica

Anitta Thomas, University of South Africa

Motse Tsogang, University of South Africa




Masters Students:

Greg Groenmeyer, Cape Peninsula University of Technology

Christopher Kristasamy, Cape Peninsula University of Technology

Roderick Limbanda, Cape Peninsula University of Technology

Nelia Lombard, University of South Africa

Gavin Siller, University of South Africa

Judith van der Linde, University of South Africa

Francouis Vermeulen, University of South Africa

Kevein Bayes, University of South Africa

Zuli, Makalima, University of South Africa


 MEKE's Past Students


Prof Darelle van Greunen, Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University

Hanlie Smuts, University of South Africa and MTN

Rubina Adam, University of South Africa and SAP Research

Onkgopotse Molefe, Meraka Institute

Marne de Vries, University of Pretoria

 Indira Padayache, University of KwaZulu Natal




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