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Enterprise Knowledge Engineering and Management (MEKE) Research Group


The Enterprise Knowledge Engineering and Management (MEKE) Group was integrated into the Next Generation ICT Architectures Group at Meraka in July 2015. This new group currently do not have a website. For updates on Paula Kotze's activities, please see her personal website:

This website (the MEKE Website) holds a historic record of the work of MEKE, and although it will not be updated, it still holds a vast resource base for several projects. This resource base can still be accessed and will continue to exist.


About MEKE


Our history

Engineering is not often thought of as a social or business activity. But in fact social and business needs and pressures shape what engineers do as much as engineering and technology shape the nature of society. In this context the Human Factors and Enterprise Engineering Group (HuFEE) within Meraka was established in late 2008.  HuFEE focused on the issues affecting the development of socio-technical systems, both within enterprises and for the individual. 

Our Research Group Leader, Paula Kotze, was appointed in June 2008 to establish the group. Our first Principal Researcher, Alta van der Merwe, was appointed in January 2009 (but sadly left us at the end of 2011 to become HOD of the Dept of Informatics at UP), our first PhD studentship candidate, Mariana Carroll, in February 2009 and our first masters studentship candidate, Funmi Adebesin, in March 2009. Mariana Carrol has completed her PhD in 2012 and was since appointed as Leader of the Deloitte Centre of Excellence in Cloud Computing. Nicola Bidwell joined as a postdocoral researcher in May 2010 for a period of 3 years. She has since  taken up the position of Associate Professor at the Department of Informatics at the University of Pretoria. 


In 2010 the Meraka Institute became a fully fledged Unit of the CSIR, and after an internal re-organisation, MEKE was born, based on the HuFEE heritage.  MEKE is the acronym for the Enterprise Knowledge Engineering and  Management Group.


After the re-organisation Boroto Hwabamungu  joined us in September 2010 from another research group in Meraka. Boroto submitted his PhD in March 2014 and is now a postdoctoral researcher at CHESAI at the University of Western Cape.


MEKE is a small, but dynamic research group, currently existing of only the 2 full-time members, but also a large pool of associated researchers and part-time students.  


Our research is aimed at socio-technical systems for a knowledge-based society, focusing on the human, business and software elements of enterprise engineering, with a strong multi-cultural and multicontext focus to extend the use and usability of ICT systems in a variety of ways that will serve the people and needs of South Africa and beyond. Our main focus is on healthcare systems and on indigenous knowledge systems.


MEKE was intrumental in establishing the Enterprise Architecture Research Forum in 2009. The Enterprise Architecture Research Forum (EARF) is a research forum where industry, researchers and academia meet once a month to work on Enterprise Architecture related research focuses.



Please visit our other pages to learn more about the MEKE group, the research we conduct, related projects, events and other interesting links and collaborations. 


For more information on MEKE, please contact: Prof Paula Kotze (paula dot kotze at meraka dot org dot za).


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